David Viniar

Goldman Sachs Plans Another Round of Job Cuts

Goldman Sachs will begin a fresh round of job cuts as early as this week, sources said Monday. The bank usually culls the weakest 5 percent of its employees around this time of year, but the cuts will likely be deeper in some businesses, particularly equities-trading.

Wall Street Watch Wednesday: Microsoft Sweetens the Pot for Investors

Microsoft wants to reward its patient shareholders: The world's largest software company announced Tuesday after the market close that it would be increasing its quarterly dividend by 15%. But as impressive as the dividends are, the market would gladly trade them for one thing.

Goldman Execs Grilled on AIG Debt

Executives of Goldman Sachs were grilled by members of an inquiry panel Thursday on the firm's full recovery of billions in debt in 2008 from crippled AIG, for which U.S. taxpayers footed the bill.