David Tepper

10 Best Stock Picks of the 10 Richest Hedge Funds

The smartest money on Wall Street may be at the top hedge funds, whose investment managers are paid billions a year to beat the market. Those gurus only take big money clients, but you can follow their lead: DailyFinance has the 10 best stock picks of the 10 highest-paid hedge fund managers.

Is the 'New Normal' Slow Growth? Not Necessarily

Pessimists say growth simply won't be as vigorous as it was in the past. But a growing roster of high-profile money managers are taking aim at this theme, arguing that it is both wrong-headed and self-defeating.

Hedge Fund Titan David Tepper Pounds the Table for Stocks

David Tepper's strongly bullish argument for stocks carries a special punch. Tepper's reasoning is simple but persuasive. If the economy picks up steam, stocks should continue to rally. A relapse, meanwhile, would provoke further stimulation by policymakers -- and that should boost equities in the intermediate term too.