David Rosenberg

They Called the Meltdown but Haven't Scored Well Since

There's no shortage of pundits who shot to fame on the back of a bold, contrarian call only to come up empty afterwards. Meredith Whitney and Nouriel Roubini are just two pundits who called the meltdown while most others were oblivious. Too bad they've fared less well lately.

Take the ADP Jobs Number With a Boulder of Salt

ADP excludes government jobs. It's also notoriously volatile and has a history of big misses in forecasting the official number. But perhaps most important is that it just doesn't jibe with other recent data points -- or the recovery's pace.

Stocks Post Modest Gains as Treasurys Tumble

Stocks closed moderately higher Wednesday after flitting around breakeven on light trading for much of the session. Financials outperformed, while commodities suffered. Treasury bond yields hit their highest intraday level since June. End-of-year strangeness?

Investors May Need Better Reasons to Buy Stocks

Given all that transpired globally over the Thanksgiving weekend, the idea of holding risky assets like stocks should give investors heartburn. A good Black Friday weekend and strong holiday selling season will draw traders' gazes, but that's no sure shot.

Six Reasons for Investors
to Give Thanks

As the market takes a time out for Thanksgiving, we though it would be a good time to reflect on some good fortune. Here are six things for which investors should be thankful this holiday season.

The Best Brokers For Mobile Investors

What are the best brokerages for mobile investors? The industry advisory firm Corporate Insight surveyed the mobile trading features of 21 brokerages, looking at a variety of platforms and loads of other features. See what firms come out on top.

Not a Single New McMansion Sold in June or July

Not only did new-home sales plunge in July to a record low, the McMansion market saw no activity whatsoever -- for the second month in a row. An economist says the high-end market "is becoming non-existent."

Weak Economic Growth Will Hit Corporate Profits

If you've been wondering how corporations can be enjoying a sharp rebound in profits even as the U.S. economic recovery remains so weak David Rosenberg of Gluskin Sheff has your answer: They won't be enjoying it for much longer.

Falling Bond Yields Could Mean Bear Market for Stocks

Are we headed for bear market in stocks? Rising bond prices indicate that we are. Treasury bond yields have taken a hit over the past three months and have fallen more than 1.2% -- a sign, according to an economist, that a bear market in stocks could be closer than we realize.

Daily Blogwatch: Who Owns America's Debt?

Among today's top online stories for investors are what the presidential election cycle means for stocks, a stunning chart on who owns America's debt, a great perspective on the unemployment rate, and James Altucher's one piece of advice for all investors.

Double-Dip? One Reliable Measure Says It's Inevitable

An economic indicator with a perfect 40-year history of predicting recessions just signaled that a double-dip is coming for sure. The Economic Cycle Research Institute, an independent organization of economists, is best known for publishing the economy's "leading indicators" that we in the media sometimes like to chatter about. And on Friday, the institute said its ECRI Weekly Leading Index "growth rate" broke below -10%.

Dow Jumps 273 Points on Global Growth Prospects

The Dow jumped more than 270 points to close solidly above 10,000 Thursday as encouraging economic data out of China and a soothing growth forecast from the European Central Bank once again whetted traders' appetite for risk. The dollar, Treasurys and gold fell, while oil prices topped $75 a barrel for the first time in nearly a month.

Will We Get to Dow 11,500 in 2010?

As easy as it was to be bearish in 2009, it sure didn't pay. The markets have produced stellar gains that were inconceivable back in March. And while some may suggest that we're in another bubble, there's ample reason to think stocks can climb even higher through 2010 before going pop.

A New Record High for Gold

Thank the Incredible Shrinking Dollar. The Federal Reserve wants a cheap buck to help boost exports and create jobs, but so far it's just made central banks and institutional investors at home and abroad feel pretty stupid holding rapidly depreciating greenbacks. So, they're dumping dollars and hording gold.