Who Is Most Likely to Use a Coupon?

Since the start of the financial meltdown in 2008, coupon use has come back in vogue for many Americans. In 2009 shoppers used 27% more coupons than...

U.K. Rules Google Street View Cars Broke the Law

Google%u2019s (GOOG) Street View cars breached UK data laws by collecting personal data. The UK Information Commissioner%u2019s Office reversed an earlier ruling that no data breach had occurred. The office asked Google to delete the data "as soon as it is legally cleared to do so," BBC News said.

EMC Enters 'Big Data' with Greenplum Acquisition

Data-storage company EMC is buying Greenplum, a California-based startup with a next-generation data-warehousing and analytics technology and customers like Nasdaq, Skype, T-Mobile and Fox Interactive Media.

Y r txt mssgs so shrt? Nt wht u think

The only people who don't know about text messages these days are 90-year-olds and infants. Even if you don't use the feature, it is available on...