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A Newsweek-Daily Beast Deal Made No Sense From the Get-Go

Combining Newsweek and the Daily Beast wouldn't have been as big of a debacle as New Coke, but it would have been awfully close. None of the voluminous media reports ever made it clear how combining the organizations would allow them to become profitable.

Newsweek, The Daily Beast Discuss Potential Merger

Newsweek magazine and news website The Daily Beast are in talks about a possible merger, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two news outlets are considering a structure whereby Tina Brown, co-founder and co-owner of The Daily Beast, would become editor of Newsweek while maintaining her current editorial duties at The Daily Beast, The Wall Street Journal said without naming its sources.

Howard Kurtz Goes From Washington Post to Daily Beast

Howard Kurtz, arguably the most influential media reporter in the country, is leaving The Washington Post for Tina Brown's Daily Beast website in the latest high-profile defection from old media titan to new media upstart. Kurtz will cover the intersection of politics and media for the site.

Sumner Redstone Really Should Know Better

Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone had deeply embarrassed himself and his company by trying to get a journalist to reveal his anonymous sources. Said Redstone in a voicemail to the journalist: "You will be well rewarded and well protected."

If Huffpo's not making money, who is?

The Huffington Post is fond of calling itself "the internet newspaper." And it is like an increasing number of actual newspapers in one important...