Recession Lingers On in Silicon Valley

Much has been made recently of the huge valuations of Internet players like Facebook, Twitter and Zynga, but while Web 2.0 is doing well, the Silicon Valley region itself is not. A new report shows compensation and unemployment in the region haven't improved since the downturn.

Investors Are Keeping Their Eyes on the Wrong Ball

There's a frenzy of stock buying going on now, because no one wants to be left out of the stock market recovery. But all those who are betting on short-term gains are engaged in what I call "wrong ball investing." Here's how to keep your eye on the right ball.

Five Key Strategies for Defensive Investing

When stock markets crash, it seems there is a little investors can do to protect their holdings. But if you plan ahead, you could come out mostly unscathed. Here are five strategies money managers say will help you to safeguard your portfolio.

Win7's 'Black Screen of Death'

Just when they come out with a Windows 7 release that most of the tech world seems to like, an update wreaks havoc with what's likely to be a limited subset of users. Naturally, the media gives this problem a highly colorful term -- the Black Screen of Death.

eBay search function fails for hours

Firsthand reports from 24/7 Wall St. and social media information website Mashable say the the search function of eBay (EBAY) was down for several...

A better way to fix the Oscars

Hoping to reverse a trend of slumping ratings for the Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is changing the award show's format,...