Conrad Black

Legal Briefing: McDonald's Sued for Too-Hot Chocolate

The infamous McDonald's coffee lawsuit has a sequel. A mother has sued the fast-food giant because too-hot chocolate burned her daughter. But the coffee suit was much stronger than was reported and may bolster the new case.

Conrad Black Gets Out on Bail

Conrad Black will soon be free to walk the streets -- for a while, at least. The Canadian ex-media mogul's plea for bail has been granted, with a federal judge ordering him to post a $2 million bond.

Legal Briefing: Conrad Black to Get Bail for Appeal

Former newspaper mogul Conrad Black will get out of jail on bail as he appeals his conviction for defrauding shareholders based on the now-narrowed "honest services" statute. The bail order comes even though Black was also convicted of an obstruction of justice charge.

Conrad Black's Conviction Set Aside

The Supreme Court set aside the conviction of former media baron Conrad Black for defrauding shareholders of Hollinger International. At the heart of these cases was the interpretation of the Honest Services law.