Congressional Oversight Panel

America's Bailout Program Benefited Foreign Countries, Oversight Panel Finds

America's bailout program, which was intended to help U.S. banks, greatly helped foreign banks as well, a Congressional watchdog group has concluded. The American government flooded the financial markets with money, aiming to help as many banks as possible, while most foreign nations targeted funds to save individual institutions, often those with no major U.S. operations.

Hampered by HAMP?

The U.S. Treasury is hampered by HAMP. A report released today from the Congressional Oversight Panel says the Treasury is still struggling to get...

Commercial Real Estate's Coming $1.4 Trillion Crisis

Between now and 2014, a wave of commercial real estate loan failure threatens to swamp the nation's already-weak financial system. The Congressional Oversight Panel warned this week that the potential defaults could push thousands of smaller banks into failure.

TARP: One Big Success but Many More Failures

The Congressional Oversight Panel's December report on TARP concluded that it "proved decisive enough to stop the panic and restore market confidence," but failed to address many of the "ongoing problems" in the financial markets and the broader economy. However, it didn't call for ending the program.

Banks still at risk from toxic assets

Despite the billions of dollars the U.S. government has spent bailing them out, many banks are still at risk because toxic assets have not been...