Ken Olsen Remembered: Lessons of a Great American Entrepreneur

Ken Olsen, the MIT-educated inventor who founded DEC in the 1950s and built it into multi-billion dollar company, died on Sunday. In addition to inventing the minicomputer, Olsen was a pioneer as a manager. But perhaps the most valuable lesson his life can teach regards his one business blind spot.

HP: More Than Printers, But Who Cares?

Hewlett-Packard launches a star-studded campaign -- which an unnamed source told The Wall Street Journal will cost $40 million -- to change its image as a printer and PC company. But is it just a waste of shareholder money?

Free Windows 7 upgrades could cost you

If you were one of the thousands of shoppers who purchased a new computer since June 26 and are expecting a free upgrade to Windows 7 you may find...