Coal mining

Is President Obama Trying to Kill King Coal?

Republican lawmakers are alleging that the EPA's new greenhouse gas regulations would kill the U.S. coal industry by making it too expensive to build new coal-fueled power plants. But even if that's true, how will it impact you?

The Labor Department's Unprecedented Battle With Massey

For the first time ever, federal regulators are asking a judge for an injunction ordering a U.S. mine to close until safety hazards are fixed. Among the provisions the Labor Department injunction asks for is continued pay for the idled miners.

Is Coal Miner Massey Buyout Bait?

Shares in Massey Energy were climbing today on reports that the coal mining company was "exploring strategic alternatives" -- in other words, a possible sale.

In Coal Mining, Economics Still Trumps Safety

This week's disaster at a West Virginia coal mine reminds us that our dependency on coal for energy isn't going away. Until this week, many analysts had hoped the coal mining industry, while still dangerous, had become safer. U.S. mining injuries and fatalities have been declining since 2001.

Mine Explosion in West Virginia Kills at Least 25

Officials don't yet know what led to an massive methane gas explosion at a Massey Energy mine in West Virginia that has killed 25 miners and left four others missing. However, it already known to be the worst mining disaster in the U.S. in more than two decades.