Dish Network Offers $5.15 Billion for Clearwire

Satellite TV provider Dish Network is offering to buy wireless network operator Clearwire %u2014 which agreed to sell itself to Sprint in December %u2014 for $3.30 per share, or $5.15 billion. Sprint, which owns 51 percent of Clearwire, said it would have to sign off on Dish's unsolicited offer and that it does not intend to do so.

How To Pick the Best Cell Phone Carrier

Right now, Verizon is winning the war to grab cell customers from AT&T and Sprint-Nextel. But is its wireless network right for you? Even though they've all ratcheted up speeds, there are material differences between them. Here are tips on picking the right one for your habits.

This Week's Biggest Technology News

Netflix's dramatic reversal, a cash-crunched wireless carrier, a desperate handset maker, blessings from Europe for Microsoft, and Steve Jobs: The Motion Picture. This is the stuff that will dominate high-tech headlines in the coming days. Here's what to watch as the week unfolds.

Cox Communications Launches Cell Network

Cox Communications is taking on wireless companies on its own turf by launching a long-anticipated cellular service in three scattered markets where it already provides cable.

Super-Fast Broadband to Come to Big Cities

Sprint-Nextel and its 4G Wimax partner Clearwire will launch their super-fast wireless broadband into the largest markets in the U.S. -- New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Sprint says its 4G service will reach 120 million people by the end of the year.

A Hedge Fund Billionaire's Audacious 4G Wireless Plan

A prominent New York hedge fund billionaire intends to take on several of the biggest telecom firms in the country by building a massive 4G wireless network one analyst has called "breathtaking in its ambition."

Netflix: Future Growth Will Come From Streaming Video

Perhaps no company has revolutionized the video rental business as much as Netflix. With over 90,000 titles and more than 11 million paying subscribers, Netflix is now the leading online DVD subscription service. But as costs rise and competition mounts, Netflix has got to make some changes. One of them: To beef up its streaming video business.

Aiming for Apple: Sprint Unveils Evo Phone

Paging Apple's legal dept. Sprint announced the first WiMax smart phone Tuesday, the HTC Evo 4G, which runs on Google's Android platform. It's the first phone designed to run on Clearwire's 4G WiMax network. It's also a clear challenge to Apple, which recently sued HTC over Android.