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Dow 13,000: What It Means to You

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 13,005, the first time it had crossed the 13,000 line since its plummet as the nation sank into financial crisis. But what is the Dow, anyway? And what are these "points" it's measured in? Allow us to explain...

Don't Look Now, But Google Just Goofed

Last week, rumors began emerging of a planned wireless entertainment device from Google. That may sound cool, but before Google jumps headfirst into the brutally competitive and low-margin consumer electronics business, it should recall how similar moves nearly crushed Cisco.

5 Things to Watch on Wall Street This Week

It's going to be an interesting week on Wall Street, especially with new tablets and old banks in play. Let's go over some of the items you'll want to watch -- assuming you can tear yourself away from the new "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," which will start printing money for Activision Blizzard at midnight Tuesday.