Chinese middle class

Will China's 'Have-Nots' Be Next to Rebel?

In most respects, China a world away from the oil-dominated autocracies in the Mideast now seething with anti-government unrest. But it faces similar issues: high inflation and a troubling wealth gap that could fuel social upheavals, if Beijing doesn't make some big changes.

Looking for a Play on China's Middle Class? Try NIVS

NIVS IntelliMedia Technology Group, whose consumer-electronic products and brands are widely known in China and marketed in some 80 countries, flies under the radar in the U.S. But this it's well positioned to cash in on rising consumer spending in China.

Walmart to Launch Small 'Hypermarkets' in China

Walmart will tackle the rural and poorer sections of China with small stores that are easy and cheap to build. The model is based to some extent on facilities the world's largest retailer operates in Mexico.