Chinese Yuan

Bill Ackman's Big Bet on the Hong Kong Dollar

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman made waves in the financial community yesterday by announcing a very bullish bet on the Hong Kong dollar. Currently pegged to its American counterpart, HK's currency would see its value soar if it were attached instead to a more compatible counterpart -- say, the Chinese yuan. Ackman appears to be banking on it, but in a low-risk way.

Why Japan Is Rushing to Aid Europe: It's All About China

World markets got a boost this week from Japan's pledge to help overly indebted EU nations. What's behind Japan's move? Sure, the spirit of global cooperation is part of it. But much more significant is Tokyo's need to keep pace with Beijing in the influence game.

World Spins Closer to a Currency War

The threat of a global currency war is heating up after global leaders failed to resolve their differences at International Monetary Fund talks, which ended Saturday.

Why China Is Becoming
More Assertive

With its economy growing rapidly even as much of the developed world struggles, tensions are mounting. China has recently crossed Japan and India, in addition to ongoing conflicts with the U.S. Fairly or not, China is being singled out as currency manipulator.

China's Currency Climbs, but Won't Help U.S. Jobless

Since June 19, when China's government finally began to allow its currency to slowly appreciate against the dollar, it's become clearer than ever that hopes that the new policy would redress the U.S.-China trade imbalance are wishful thinking at best.