Apple's China Mobile Deal Has Huge Potential

Apple buys many components for its devices from Chinese suppliers. Now, it's getting more aggressive about selling those devices in the world's largest cell phone market, inking a deal to sell iPhones through No. 1 wireless operator China Mobile, which could substantially boost Apple's earnings.

Google's Chinese Mobile Ambitions at Risk

Google's stand against China's censorship could draw retribution, damaging its nascent mobile efforts there. China Unicom, with 200 million subscribers, said it's scrubbed Google search from the company's phones. Will China Mobile, with 500 million users, be next? Both companies have close ties to the government.

Google's Sergey Brin Pushed to Quit China

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has emerged as the key force behind the search giant's decision to close its China-based search engine, citing his experience growing up in the Soviet Union. Google may suffer in the long run, but in this case, Brin has put principle above profit.

Google '99.9% Certain' to Close Chinese Search Engine

Capping two months of high-stakes brinksmanship, Google appears ready to make good on its threat to shut its Chinese-language search engine, in light of the Chinese government's unyielding resistance to ease web censorship. But the Google's mobile business in China will continue.