Chapter 13

Five Key Tips for Life After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding your life after bankruptcy %u2013 including your credit rating, finances and your emotional well-being %u2013 can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. But if you've recently filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, it's important to realize that there really is life after bankruptcy.

No Job, No Stuff, No Rapture? How to Rebuild Financially

Many of those who genuinely believed Harold Camping's prediction that the Rapture would arrive Saturday are starting this week with no jobs and no belongings. DailyFinance can't address their spiritual anguish, but we can offer some advice on how they can regain their financial footing.

Court Gives Hope to Homeowners Lied to by Banks

A California appeals court has ruled that U.S. Bank conned Claudia Aceves out of her home by tricking her into giving up her bankruptcy protections. Now she can sue the bank for damages and fraud, and conceivably, so could other homeowners in similar situations.