How to Buy Great New Year's Eve Bubbly for Less

After what 2011 has done to our finances, it can be hard to justify shelling out big bucks for a bottle of French Champagne for New Year's Eve. But if the idea of toasting in 2012 with a cheap sham leaves you pained, don't worry: There are plenty of superb sparkling options out there that won't bust your budget.

New Year's Eve: Celebrating by the Numbers

Champagne? Check. Noisemakers? Check. Party game to kill time as you wait for the clock to strike midnight? We can help with that. Gather your friends and family to try your hand at some New Year's Eve trivia.

A bubbly new year...for less!

As France's champagne producers have endlessly reminded us, to be a true champagne, a sparkling wine must originate in the Champagne region of...

Affordable bubbly for every day

As the dollar declines against the Euro, the price of champagne is expected to increase this year. In a USA Today article, the President of Zachy's...