Has US Economy Bottomed Out? Census Suggests Yes

Americans are on the move again after record numbers had stayed put, more young adults are leaving their parents' homes to take a chance with college or the job market, once-sharp declines in births are leveling off and poverty is slowing.

Census Shows 1 in 2 People Are Poor or Low-Income

Squeezed by rising living costs, a record number of Americans %u2014 nearly 1 in 2 %u2014 have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income. The latest census data depict a middle class that's shrinking as unemployment stays high and the government's safety net frays. The new numbers follow years of stagnating wages for the middle class that have hurt millions of workers and families.

The Texas Surge: Is America Headed South?

For more than two centuries, the Census Bureau has plotted America's population center, mapping a steady progression of westward and southward growth. With a boom in Texas and busts on the coasts sending the center South, what does the new center say about the nation's future?

Homeownership Rate Stuck at 11-Year Low

Despite efforts to keep people in their homes and record-low interest rates, the homeownership rate remains at 1999 levels, according to the Census Bureau.

Census: Family income drops 2.9%

If your family's income has been decreasing, it appears you are far from alone. The Census Bureau said today that the median income for American...

Young Single Women Now Earn More Than Men

Young single women are earning more than their male peers in metropolitan areas around the U.S., according to an analysis of Census Bureau data released Wednesday. Some hope that the trend could eventually eliminate the male-female pay gap.

After Katrina, the New Orleans Population Goes Upscale

Five years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is older, wealthier and less diverse, but it's also home to more well-off young people -- demographic changes that could attract more businesses and developers, and give a real lift to efforts to rebuild the Big Easy.

U.S. Census Bureau to Return Almost 25% of Budget This Year

The U.S. Census Bureau will return $1.6 billion of its $7 billion budget for the year after costs came in lower than expected. Savings stemmed from factors including 72% of households returning mailed questionnaires and an emergency fund that was never needed, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said, according to CNN.

Initial Jobless Claims Make a Surprise Jump

Initial jobless claims unexpectedly surged by 19,000 to 479,000, the Labor Department said Thursday, but the statistic was likely skewed higher by the normal, seasonal industrial shutdowns that happen every year in late summer.

June's Jobs Report Could Have Been Even Worse

Overall, 125,000 U.S. jobs were lost last month, primarily due to the Census ending 225,000 temporary positions. Private sector of 83,000 was better than in May, but it's still pretty weak for this point in a recovery.

Nonfarm Payrolls Fell 125,000 in June on Census Worker Lay-Offs

Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 125,000 in June as the government laid off 225,000 temporary census workers. That was roughly in line with expectations of a 130,000-job drop. Private sector jobs rose by 83,000, below estimates of 110,000.census workers. Unemployment fell slightly to 9.5 percent, or 14. 6 million people, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said on its website.

Some Hopeful Factors in May's Ugly Job Report

Investors wouldn't know it from the brutal sell-off in the markets Friday, but the May jobs report released at the end of last week offered more hopeful signs than it is getting credit for. The crises in Europe and the logistics of the census are masking numbers deserving of optimism.

How to identify census-based scams

Considering how many criminals there are out there, it's not too surprising that there have been reports surfacing of fake 2010 Census forms hitting...

What Happens When Census Jobs Go Away?

Last month, the U.S. Census added 48,000 new jobs to the economy, and over the next two, it will add as many as 700,000 more. But as welcome as those jobs are, they're only temporary: How will Americans react when the end of the Census puts those numbers back into the job-loss column?

Job Growth at Last: 162,000 Added to Payrolls

March was a fairly good month for employment growth after all, as the economy added 162,000 nonfarm payroll jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday. It was the biggest U.S. employment rise since March 2007, when the economy added 239,000 jobs.

What's at Stake in the Census 2010 Count? Plenty

The U.S. Census Bureau is pushing residents to mail Census 2010 forms back ahead of the April 1 deadline. States could stand to lose an average of $1,400 for each person not counted and taxpayers could lose $1.5 billion in costs associated with tracking down those who fail to send in the forms by mail.

Children and Workers Among 40 Million U.S. Poor

Poverty is growing in the recession, with nearly 40 million Americans living at or below the official poverty level in 2008. That figure includes more than 14 million children and a growing class of "working poor."

Census Bureau swamped with applicants

Need a job? Know how to count? The U.S. Census Bureau needs you. Areas around the country are reporting that after begging for applicants at the...

Texas Is the Big Winner in Recession Migration

As the recession has sent hundreds of thousands of people moving from place to place in search of jobs, Texas has experienced a major surge in population growth. Lita Epstein takes a peek at what this means for America's political, economic, and social structure.