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BBB Reveals America's Most Griped-About Businesses

American consumers are getting savvier, and happier. We consulted the BBB far more often in 2011 than we did the year before, and lodged fewer complaints. But there were still plenty of gripes, and the worst offenders may not surprise you.

Businesses That We Complain About the Most

Poor customer service is one of the primary reasons people tend to shun certain companies and even whole industries. 24/7 Wall St. identified the U.S. industries with the most complaints, as well as the troubles people have with them. If customer service is important to success, those we identified are in trouble.

Get Ready to Pay More for Japanese Car Imports

If you're in the market to buy a new vehicle, particularly popular models from Honda and Toyota, be prepared to pay more. Many dealers, bracing for shortages of cars imported from Japan, are already adjusting prices. One expert expects the increases to "last weeks, if not months."

Eight Car Buying Tips You Need to Know

Auto dealers and finance companies are beginning to loosen up the restrictions on consumer credit that helped to clamp down auto sales starting in...

An Early Christmas Gift
for Retailers

The Commerce Department's monthly sales tally for November showed unexpected pockets of strength among retailers, including car dealers and online sales. Most retail categories posted higher sales, except clothing and housewares.

Why are car dealers so special?

It's no secret insurance companies and banks have the ears of politicians. But who knew car dealers, and their lobbyists, were so powerful? On Oct/...

GM may face dealers in court

The biggest road block to a quick restructuring of GM (GM) in a Chapter 11 filing may be its own dealers. Chrysler dealers are challenging that...