Conoco Sheds Some Oil Sands Leases

ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP) plans to shed about $13.5 billion in what the company calls non-strategic assets during 2013. It got $750 million closer...

Oil Stocks May Have Outrun Oil Prices

It's too simplistic to value oil company stocks on the price of crude alone. But if oil prices are one marker, oil shares are probably rising too...

Week in Preview: The Earnings Crunch Rolls On

Dozens of companies report earnings this week, and analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters are anticipating lots of strong quarterly reports. Among those re ConocoPhillips, Microsoft and Visa. Likely to post losses are Eastman Kodak, Office Depot and Sprint Nextel.

Commercial Real Estate's Coming $1.4 Trillion Crisis

Between now and 2014, a wave of commercial real estate loan failure threatens to swamp the nation's already-weak financial system. The Congressional Oversight Panel warned this week that the potential defaults could push thousands of smaller banks into failure.

Treasury Lacks a Sound TARP Exit Strategy

The Congressional Oversight Panel, created along with TARP, has issued a report taking Treasury to task for having "effectively no metric to determine whether [its] actions met its stated goals." Congress and the Fed should also get some blame.

TARP: One Big Success but Many More Failures

The Congressional Oversight Panel's December report on TARP concluded that it "proved decisive enough to stop the panic and restore market confidence," but failed to address many of the "ongoing problems" in the financial markets and the broader economy. However, it didn't call for ending the program.