CIGNA Corporation

Report: Premium Hikes for Top Medicare Drug Plans

Millions of seniors enrolled in some of the most popular Medicare prescription drug plans face double-digit premium hikes next year if they don't shop for a better deal, says a private firm that analyzes the highly competitive market.

How to Negotiate Better Prices for Medical Care

We comparison shop for everything from cars to computers to coffee -- so why do so few of us bargain-hunt when it comes to the enormous expenses of health care? With or without insurance, it is possible to shop around, and negotiate for a better deal with your doctors.

Health Insurers Post Healthy Profits but Remain Cautious on 2011

The recent pushback on health care reform appears to have boosted the stock prices of health insurance companies, which have outperformed major indexes by quite a margin so far this year. That's because Americans have been cutting back on doctor visits, keeping reimbursement costs low.

Why We Need Health Reform: WellPoint's 39% Rate Hike

Insurance company WellPoint, which is opposed to the health care reforms Democrats are promoting, handed them a public relations coup this week: It increased insurance rates on some individual policies by up to 39%. Wellpoint's profits last quarter? A mere $2.7 billion.

Health-Care Sector Appears to Rally As Reform Chances Dim

President Obama can't be pleased by the loss of a Democratic Senate seat which jeopardizes passage of his cherished health-care reform. The news, however, appears to have fueled a mini stock rally in the health-care and pharma sectors wary of how any reform would affect their businesses. The uptrend is expected to continue.