Amazon Inks $600 Million Deal with CIA for Cloud Computing

Amazon has reportedly won a $600 million dollar, 10-year contract to supply cloud computing services to the CIA. The online retailer will help the spy agency build a private cloud infrastructure to keep up with emerging technologies.

Local Food Movement Gives Small Farms a Big Boost

The locavore, or local food, movement is gaining momentum, driven in part by recent food scares. Across the country, small, local farms are tapping into a growing market by selling meat and produce to health-conscious consumers and choosy restaurant chefs.

Al Qaeda Crippled as Money Is Cut Off

As governments have fought to destroy al Qaeda, the most successful battle so far may be at the bank. Cutting off the terrorist group's money supply has caused the once centralized organization to fragment. As a result, its main leadership has lost much of its power to direct terrorist operations.

Health Concerns About Full Body Scanners Mount

A report by the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, which includes the European Commission, International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency and the World Health Organization, said that the government must inform air passengers about any health risks that the screenings pose, including the possible exposure to higher radiation levels.

CIA seeking investment banker spooks

Seems that when people are lucky, they're lucky all the way. The New York Post reports that the CIA is looking to hire investment bankers, analysts...