Buzzword Of The Week

Buzzword of the Week: Passionistas Join the 'Ista' Parade

"Passionistas" are the brand addicts every company dreams about -- engaged, highly loyal consumers. This relatively recent addition to the buzzword lexicon conveys both enthusiasm and sophistication. And in an era that also features "recessionistas," companies need those loyal trendsetters more than ever.

Buzzword of the Week: Talking in Circles

In business jargon, it seems like round has come back around. We're hearing a resurgence of the defense-minded phrase "circling the wagons," as well as the extremely slippery phrase "circle back," which changes its meaning completely depending on who is saying it.

Buzzword of the Week: Kicking the Bucketize

Bucketize may not be the most odious piece of business jargon to hit the scene in the past decade, but in its short life, it has earned a barrel-full of derision for being one of the most pointless. There's just no need for another synonym for categorizing, sorting or organizing.