Why Are LEGOs So Expensive?

It's a question that echoes across the Internet, on blogs and message boards, and in the content of a specialty wiki called Brickipedia: "Why are Legos so expensive?" Our search for an answer starts in Denmark, and ends in the playrooms of countless children around the world.

Zippo Looks to Grow Beyond Lighters

No, Zippo is not a lost Marx brother. For most of the 20th century, the lighter brand was ubiquitous wherever smokers gathered. Now, however, with...

Pepsi Throwback Is Back Permanently

Nostalgists rejoice. Pepsi is making its retro Pepsi Throwback beverage a permanent part of its stable of soft drinks. Pepsi Throwback features...

Marketing Yourself After College

There may be a few of you who find yourselves three months away from graduating, and staring into the jaws of a bear market. Are you scrambling to...

J.C. Penney's New Logo Aims to Convey 'Modern'

Struggling department store operator JCPenney, which last month said it would shutter five department stores, 19 outlet stores and two call centers, unveiled the most substantial change to its logo in four decades as it tries to boost sales by pitching itself as a more modern retailer.

Being the Brand: CEOs as Corporate Icons

Colonel Sanders pulled it off, and so has Steve Jobs. Yet few companies allow one individual to represent their brand. Why not? The risks are large, and, well, few CEOs are actually good at it.

Solar Energy Firms Step Into the Spotlight

A fake oil tycoon. The biggest sports event in the world. A Formula One racing team. What do they have in common? They're all part of branding initiatives by solar panel makers seeking to make their names in a fast-growing industry.

The Tesla Effect: What's Charging Up This Electric Car

Tesla Motors IPO announcement has attracted many skeptics. But take a look at how Tesla's sleek sports car has fired up the imagination of Silicon Valley's wealthy. This excitement bodes very well for the electric-car maker's success.

The Science Behind Naming Products and Companies

Vudu. JooJoo. Boorah. It almost seems as if companies are just randomly picking names for their latest product or the company, out of a hat. But consumers would be surprised at how much actual thought (and money) goes into the process of dubbing a tobacco maker Altria or an instant coffee Via.

Resurrecting Tiger, the Brand

In a move that could start the drive to rehabilitate his flailing brand, Tiger Woods has announced plans to return to golf next month at the Masters Tournament. Will he be able to hit his brand out of the rough?

Chinese Sneaker Giant Steps Onto Nike's Home Turf

With a logo that's extraordinarily reminiscent of the Swoosh, a focus on basketball shoes and huge deals with big-name NBA stars, sneaker maker Li Ning is starting its battle for America's feet in Nike's own backyard: Portland, Oregon.

J. Crew hearts Michelle Obama

For clothing company J. Crew, Christmas came early this year. When Michelle Obama, wife of then candidate Barack Obama, sat down with Jay Leno...

No country for old brands

Though most Americans consider themselves pretty astute when it comes to brands, how many of them actually know where their favorite brands are...