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An 11% Rise for the S&P 500 in 2011?

That's the average prediction for 11 analysts polled by Bloomberg News. Goldman Sachs's David Kostin, Bloomberg's most accurate U.S. strategist this year, is even more bullish. He says sales growth will spur a 17% rally in the S&P 500 through the end of 2011.

Investors Don't Credit Obama for What's Going Right

A new Bloomberg poll shows 68% of investors say Obama's policies are "detrimental to the U.S. investment climate." That's despite soaring corporate earnings and a huge bounceback in stock prices during his administration. Somewhere, there's a disconnect.

Gold Hits Record of $1,308.90 After Price Drop

Gold prices reached a record $1,308.90 an ounce Tuesday after earlier price declines and continued low interest rates spurred investors to buy bullion. Gold, which earlier had its biggest intraday decrease in more than two months, reached a record high for the eighth time in two weeks.

Steve Jobs is not a Ninja

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is disputing reports that he'll never return to Japan after officials at an airport barred him from taking Ninja throwing stars...

AT&T looks beyond Apple's iPhone

AT&T (T) has had a rash of problems since it partnered with Apple (AAPL) and began selling the iPhone two years ago. The cause of the rash is...

Microsoft sales slow, will remain weak

Software sales slowed for tech giant Microsoft (MSFT) and are not expected to improve over the next three months. The company plans to cut costs and...