Journalism Schools Face a Media Business in Turmoil

The University of Colorado at Boulder is planning dramatic changes for its journalism program, and J-schools across the country are facing a similar dilemma: How should they train students to compete in an industry that's in constant upheaval?

Daily Blogwatch: Me Vs. Dr. Doom on Squawk Box

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including James Altucher vs. Dr. Doom on Squawk Box and posts about Apple's margins, Intel's ideas on jobs, Korean equities and how Google works.

Forbes Plans Makeover for Blog Network True/Slant

True/Slant, the blogging platform for journalists and other experts, is in for a major overhaul under its new owner, Forbes Media. Blogs that don't fall into Forbes' areas of interest are likely to be eliminated.

The New York Times vs. Bloggers

Is The New York Times shooting itself in the foot with its plans to charge online readers? Opinions abound as bloggers and the newspaper weigh in.

Mothers of the 'Real Food' Blogosphere

The modern mom-bloggers behind the Real Food Media Network are at the crossroads of two hot trends: working from home and local, organic, sustainable food -- and they are making money while they're at it.

Daily Blogwatch: Is Google Losing Market Share?

Some of the best stories for investors from around the Web, such as the upper limit to peak oil prices, the 10 biggest bankruptcies in history and some signs that the economy may be bouncing back.

Can Digital-Age Teens Still Talk to Analog Parents?

With social networking transforming the way people relate to each other, some fear technology "generation gaps" are increasing. Yet just as Mick Jagger's lips didn't end Western Civilization, I argue that texting, twittering and blogging will only increase connections between people and generations.