BlackBerry PlayBook

iPad 2: Don't Expect Apple's Stock to Pop

Apple is expected to unveil the new version of its popular iPad on Wednesday, but investors shouldn't hold their breath for a huge pop in the tech giant's stock price after the debut. The reason: History shows there's a big difference in how the markets greet Apple's revolutions versus its evolutions.

The Latest Challenger to Apple Is. . .Samsung?

Microsoft and Google are two of the few companies that can claim to compete head-to-head with Apple, but Samsung is pushing in: Its Galaxy Tab may not be as hot as the iPad, but it's making headway. Indeed, Samsung is building a consumer electronics lineup that mirrors Apple's.

Research In Motion Tablet Computer to Sell for Less Than $500

Research In Motion (RIMM) will sell its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer in North America with a price tag of less than $500. "The product will be very competitively priced," Co-CEO Jim Balsillie told Bloomberg News. Balsillie declined to be more specific on the price.