Big Blue

'Jeopardy!' Champ Watson Lands a Job on Wall Street

Impressed by the speed and accuracy with which Watson churned out answers (or rather, "questions") in its winning performance in the Jeopardy! Challenge last year? Citigroup was, too -- so much so that it has hired the supercomputer to assist its human financial professionals.

What to Watch This Week: Tech Wins; Banks Wince

There's never a dull moment on Wall Street, especially now that we're hitting 2012's first earnings season. What will help shape the week that lies ahead? Earnings and answers from banks, Google, eBay and IBM, and a big education related announcement from Apple.

Only Human? IBM Explains the Supercomputer's Jeopardy! Flubs

If nobody's perfect, same goes for computers. Big Blue's digital dynamo Watson may have handily defeated its human rivals this week on the Jeopardy! challenge, but it made some major errors along the way. IBM's engineers have been posting post-mortems about that on the Internet.

Man vs. Machine Finale: Watson Whips the Humans on Jeopardy!

For Watson, it was elementary. IBM's mighty supercomputer has landed the title of new Jeopardy! champ. No matter how hard Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings -- the two human contestants pitted against the machine -- tried, they were just no match for the brainy Watson.

How IBM Built Watson, Its 'Jeopardy'-Playing Supercomputer

Brandishing hardware and software optimized for understanding the nuances of natural language questions, Big Blue's supercomputer is preparing to face two flesh-and-blood champions of the TV game show. It'll also showcase IBM's growing abilities in analytics software that could appeal to a lot of businesses.

IBM Earnings Beat the Street, But Services Fell Short

IBM reported earnings of $2.82 per share for the third quarter, compared with $2.40 a year ago. Analysts were expecting EPS of $2.75, according to Thomson Reuters. Global services revenues of $9.5 billion were well below the $12.8 billion forecast.

IBM and Aetna Launch Health Care Support Service

IBM and Aetna's ActiveHealth Management subsidiary have jointly launched the Collaborative Care Solution, a new cloud-computing and clinical-decision support system that aims to improve medical practices at hospitals, helping them provide better care at a lower cost.

Who Will Be IBM's Next CEO?

IBM has realigned its executive suites and expanded the roles of four of its top managers, according to an internal memo sent to employees Monday -- a move that potentially paves the way for one of them to become the successor to CEO Sam Palmisano.