Best Buy Still Doesn't Get It

The retailer's latest quarter was another disaster. Revenue rose by less than 2% to $12.1 billion. Earnings, adjusted for a one-time restructuring charge, fell to $0.47 a share, well below both last year's figure and analysts' target. Here's why Best Buy's future isn't going to be any easier than its recent past.

Why Best Buy Will Never Be Great Again

Best Buy has fallen, and good ol' blue and yellow can't get up. Shares hit a two-year low earlier this week, following a dismal quarterly report. And it's no wonder: Best Buy's being beaten by its competitors, and in a sense is even selling itself out of business, offering MP3 players and e-readers that are destined to play content downloaded digitally, not sold at Best Buy.

Buy hhgregg, Sell Best Buy

Every portfolio can use a little refreshing. Why not consider hhgregg, the consumer electronics and appliance retailer that's growing fast at the same time that Best Buy is suffering, battered by the internet?