Would You Hire Him?

Our new Style Scavenger column is about finding good purchases in unexpected places. Our first challenge: Helping a recent college grad evolve his look from funky and stained to interview- and office-ready. But before we get to the clothes, we'll have to figure out what to do with the tie-dyed hair...

J.C. Penney Takes Aim at Fashion Leader Status

The jcp design groupe is bringing legitimate fashion cred to the retailer, with trendy looks that rival higher-end, higher-priced chains. Follow their new camel cape from conception to consumer with us and you'll get the message they're sending: This is not your mother's J.C. Penney.

U2 fined for rehearsing too loudly?

The city of Barcelona, Spain is fining Irish rockers U2 $22,000 for rehearsing too loudly and for too long. Seriously? Come on over to my back yard,...