Cleaning Up the Toxic Legacy of Closed Military Bases

The U.S. Air Force and Navy both rank among the top 100 polluters in America, and many of their now-abandoned bases have been declared Superfund sites by the EPA. Here's how two of these bases tackled the toxic stews left behind.

Military Base Closures Take a Big Toll on Local Housing Markets

Unlike the military base closures that occurred in the 1990s, the 20 bases that the government is scheduled to close next year come at a time of great economic uncertainty. Not only will the closures take a toll on already-suffering local economies but it could also send real estate markets in those areas spiraling further downward.

Castle Air Force Base Learns a Hard Lesson in Reinvention

When the government closed California's Castle Air Force Base, the future looked grim for nearby Merced County. Yet, even though the area's unemployment and foreclosure rates are among the highest in the nation, the community is starting to stage a comeback.