BP share price

As Crisis Fades, Investors Flock to BP

In the past month, BP shares are up 16%, outpacing both the Dow and other oil giants. Now that the worst of the oil spill is over, BP has appeal for investors as a cash-flow and profit machine with decent future prospects.

BP May Be Preparing More Asset Sales

Several media have reported that BP will increase its target for asset sales to as high as $40 billion. This almost certainly mean disposing of its aging oil field holdings in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, which may be worth as much as $20 billion.

The Other Cleanup BP Must Work On -- Its Management

When voices such as The Financial Times and Warren Buffett call for an overhaul of top management, including Chairman Svanberg and CEO Hayward, it's time to listen. BP has little chance to regain investors' confidence until it does so.

BP's Oil Spill Costs May Be Up to $33 Billion

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is taking a bigger bite out of BP's bottom line, according to a report issued Wednesday by analysts for Sanford C. Bernstein that hikes the oil company's cost to $33 billion.

Did BP Shares Fall or Rise on Tuesday? Yes

As strange as it sounds, shares in beleaguered oil spiller BP both fell and rose in Tuesday trading. They lost 1.7% in London, BP's home stock exchange. But they jumped 2.3% in New York, where BP's American depositary shares are traded.

Now, Even BP Employees Are Suing the Oil Company

Members of BP's employee savings plan are suing the oil giant over losses tied to the company's plunging stock price. They claim BP "knew or should have known" that its equity was "an imprudent investment of the ESP's assets."

Support for BP's Stock Is Steadily Slipping

Despite the company's massive oil spill, just weeks ago analysts were solidly behind BP's stock. Now, they're looking at the seemingly unending stream of bad news and rising costs and having second thoughts.