BMW fuel pump

Is BMW Selling Lemons as 'Certified Pre-Owned'?

While BMW has finally admitted the need for a recall of cars plagued with faulty fuel pumps, the ultimate-driving-machine-maker now also faces a related charge: that it's buying back these vehicles from owners and reselling them without disclosing their sordid history.

BMW Faces Second Suit Over Sudden Engine Power Failures

BMW touts itself as the maker of the ultimate driving machine, but due to faulty fuel pumps, some of its cars have been shifting from high-performance to "limp mode" in the blink of an eye -- while they're in motion. This week, a second class action lawsuit was filed against BMW over the issue.

BMW's Engine Problems: How Big a Safety Risk?

DailyFinance's Peter Cohan has found that certain models of BMW's 335 and 535 might have faulty fuel pumps that can result in diminished engine power or a complete stall. No recalls are in effect. And so far, no one has been seriously hurt. What happens if that changes?