Austan Goolsbee

Wall Street May Be a Casualty of Debt-Ceiling War

Debt and government spending are firmly at the top of the new Congress's agenda. Just the threat that the U.S. wouldn't pay its bills has traders worried and wondering if the U.S. could end up on the same chaotic economic path taken by Greece or Spain.

11 People to Watch in Business for 2011

They may not make the headlines, but the folks on this list of key corporate executives will likely have an outsize impact across all sectors of American business in 2011 -- from communications to household products to fast food to social networking.

Will Jeff Immelt Be Larry Summers' Replacement?

In theory, the role of the director of the White House National Economic Council is to present the president with an unbiased range of economic opinions. Larry Summers didn't do that -- he promoted his own views instead. But what will his successor do -- and will it make any difference?

Summers to Step Down as Obama's Economic Adviser

Lawrence Summers will step down from his role as President Obama's National Economic Council director and return to Harvard University after the midterm elections in November, according to reports.

What If Unemployment Is Really 22%?

Private pollsters and economists are piling up statistics showing the government's official jobless rate is becoming more and more of a fiction. And that's not helping solve the problem that's No. 1 for most Americans.

White House Defends Consumer Protection Agency

The White House is trying to whip up support for the recently passed Financial Reform bill, which includes the creation of a agency with broad powers to protect consumers from abusive practices of financial services firms.