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As Seen on TV: Is the Music Bullet Worth a Shot?

We love that we can listen to nearly any song, instantly, on our computers. What we hate is the flat, tinny sound from their cheap built-in speakers. As Seen on TV has a $20 solution: the shot-glass-sized Music Bullet. Sound too good to be true? We tested it out, and here's what we heard.

As Seen on TV: Are 'Salon Nails in Minutes' Worth It?

Want beautiful, artistic nails at a fraction of the salon price? Based on its commercials, Salon Express -- an "as seen on TV" product -- seems promising. But can a $10 mail order kit really replace a professional nail artist armed with years of experience?

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iRenew balance bracelet stumbles again

The iRenew balance bracelet, an "energy-correcting" gadget whose advertisers claim it can heal people holistically, is so bogus as to have earned its...

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