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Can Google's Android Undercut iTunes for News?

Google is considering a plan to charge publishers less to sell news to Android users than the 30% fee that Apple typically charges to sell apps on iTunes. Will that be enough to attract news publishers?

The Year in Tech: Top 10 Highlights of 2010

A broad array of technology news helped define 2010, from the launch of Apple's iPad to the arrival of the app to a supernova of Internet stock gains. Here's a look back at those major stories -- and a glimpse of some highlights you can expect next year.

Google Dreams of its Own Business App Store

Following Apple's lead can be a great way to make money. That explains why Google wants to launch its own version of the App Store, where it will sell third-party apps to enhance its Web-based business software. But Google's online store may lack the two things that made Apple's a success: developers and customers.