School Gives 16-Year-Olds $100,000 to Invest

Lots of high schools have clubs that participate in stock market simulation games. The Greenhill School, a small private school in Dallas, is letting its club use real money.

Osteoporosis Drug Approved for Cancer Patients

The FDA has approved Amgen's osteoporosis drug denosumab for use by cancer patients with solid tumors whose disease has metastasized to their bones. The indication to prevent complications such as fractures and bone pain among those patients could boost the drug's sales by billions.

How to Approve 'Biosimilar' Drugs? The FDA Has to Figure That Out

Unlike generics, which are the exact chemical copies of a brand-name drug, biosimilars have large and often complex proteins that are made in living cells, and tiny differences can play havoc with the product. It may take years for the FDA to create an approval process.

Amgen, J&J Recall Procrit, Epogen for Possible Glass Issue

Drug-makers Amgen and Johnson & Johnson are voluntarily recalling two brands of an injectable anemia medication because of the possibility that vials of it may also contain tiny glass flakes. The drug, Epoetin alfa, is marketed under the brand names Epogen and Procrit.

Deutsche Bank Initiates Coverage of Biotech Stocks

Several biotech stocks were on the move Monday after Deutsche Bank initiated coverage on some of them. The bank's analyst, Robyn Karnauskas, took a generally wary view on the biotech sector, only putting buy ratings on Gilead and Dendreon.

Health Care Stocks: Winners and Losers

As hyperactive and reactive as markets can be, sometimes they get it right. Witness Monday's relief rally after the House voted to overhaul health insurance. The major averages enjoyed vigorous gains, led for much of the session by, yes, the health care sector.

Amgen's New Bone Drug Passes a Crucial Test

Much of Amgen's future rests on its experimental bone drug denosumab, to be sold commercially as Prolia. The drug's had its ups and downs, but Amgen, the largest global biotech company, said on Monday that a pivotal third Phase 3 clinical trial pitting denosumab against Novartis's Zometa showed that denosumab worked better.

Marketing Fines: A Cost of Business for Pharma?

The FDA has nearly doubled the warning letters it's sent to drugmakers for questionable promotion in the past year. But some critics say the fines don't go far enough, and that Big Pharma merely views the penalties as the price of doing business.

2010 Could Be Big for Small Biotechs

Biotech stocks surprised in 2009 by surging. Equally surprising was the robust performance of the young and small-cap crowd of mostly development-stage companies, which trumped their large-cap brethren. That pattern could prevail again this year.