Amazon shares

Amazon Suffers Rare Service Outage

In the wake of its earnings report Tuesday, Amazon's share price went up. But this afternoon, Amazon has mostly been down -- not just the stock, but the e-commerce website's home page, which has intermittently been offline.

Why Amazon Doesn't Much Care About Wall Street

Earnings missed analysts' estimates and disappointed the investment community. That's OK by Amazon. The online giant is an iconoclast in the retail sector: a public company that acts like a private firm, more concerned with long-term growth and taking risks than appeasing the folks on Wall Street every quarter.

Amazon 3Q Net Income Sinks, Missing Analyst Views

Amazon's spending on expansion will eventually help its bottom line, but right now it's costing the online retailer on Wall Street. The company's third-quarter net income fell 73 percent despite revenue growth as Amazon built sales fulfillment centers at a rapid clip. Neither that drop nor its revenue outlook for the current quarter made investors happy.