Amazon Web Services

Amazon Suffers Rare Service Outage

In the wake of its earnings report Tuesday, Amazon's share price went up. But this afternoon, Amazon has mostly been down -- not just the stock, but the e-commerce website's home page, which has intermittently been offline.

Will Target Repeat Missoni Fiasco on Black Friday?

Anyone who lined up outside their local Target early one Tuesday morning this past September to score some Missoni -- and witnessed the retail carnage that ensued -- will be well prepared for Black Friday. Target, on the other hand, may not be as ready -- especially when it comes to its website.

Why Amazon Is a Stock for Investors With Patience

The online retail giant functions like two stocks: One is speculative and volatile, with unusually high valuations -- and high demands for returns. The other is for long-term investors, who get rewarded for buying and holding with capital gains and consistent growth.