Alternative investments

Gold Is the Worst Investment in History

There are many reasons to avoid investing in gold, but the most important one might be its terrible historical performance compared to other asset classes.

The 5 Worst Investments of 2014

Stock market benchmarks have done reasonably well this year, but some sectors fell short, like foreign currency, oil and Russia.

Flush Investors Take a Shine to Rare Coins

Many wealthy investors are pouring a growing share of their fortunes into "treasure assets" such as rare coins. And while those investments may be risky, they are paying off.

Has the Gold Rush Come to An End?

Gold, often touted as the most trustworthy of investments, has looked wild over the past month, plunging $200 in April. Where is it headed next?

11 New Rules for Fiscal Survival in a Weak Economy

That simple wait-and-see game plan we adopted when we believed recovery was just around the corner? Not cutting it anymore -- if it ever did. It's time for new strategies to win in the New Normal. Here's a rundown of ideas that once worked to which it's time to say goodbye, and the current wisdom for replacing them.

In This Market, Crude Oil Is as Good as Gold

Oil demand is still soft following the recession, but prices remain high. Why? Investors' use of oil as an alternative investment and a hedge against a declining dollar are as much to blame as OPEC's manipulations.

Low Expectations for Private Equity in 2010

The private equity sector suffered severely in 2009. The late 2008 financial crisis shaped the year that followed it, constraining institutional investor capital and limiting strategic alternatives. Even with the recovery in public capital markets that occurred, investors in private equity funds remained cautious with their cash, a trend that appears likely to continue into 2010. New capital raised by private equity funds fell 61% from 2008 to 2009, with the deferred effects of the 2008 financial crisis finally coming to bear.