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Online Banks Booming as People Flee Wall St. Giants

While thousands of Americans unleash their anger at big banks in protests around the country, many more are registering their dissatisfaction from their keyboards. In the wake of last week's news that Bank of America is adding a new $5 fee for debit card use, online-only banks saw waves of new customers coming through their virtual doors.

Big Banks to New Jersey: Stop Bugging Us About Foreclosures

When New Jersey tightened its foreclosure rules in response to the false document crisis, it ordered the six largest servicers to explain why they should be allowed to continue foreclosing on homes. Their response: 'Trust us, everything's fine now.' If you think there's irony in that assertion, read on ...

Robo-Signing: California Dems Call for Federal Probe

The state's entire House Democratic delegation has asked the Justice Department, the Fed and Controller of the Currency to investigate the widespread -- and growing -- problem of banks presenting faulty documents in foreclosure cases.

Robo-Signing: Looks Like Citi and Wells Fargo Do It, Too

Several big banks have admitted that their employees routinely sign scads of foreclosure documents without verifying their information. Wells Fargo and CitiMortgage have denied engaging in similar practices. Yet new evidence shows they do.

Bank of America Joins the Foreclosure Delay Brigade

Bank of America Corp. will delay foreclosures on properties in 23 states to review whether its employees signed off on foreclosure documents without reading them, making the largest U.S. bank at least the third in recent weeks to suspend foreclosures.

JPMorgan Chase to Delay Some Foreclosures to Review Documents

JPMorgan Chase & Co. will delay foreclosing on some properties in order to review affidavits that were signed by employees who didn't verify related files, making the company at least the second bank in recent weeks to suspend the foreclosure process on properties in order to better examine documents.