Akio Toyoda

Toyota's Comeback Gains Momentum

Toyota's quarterly profit more than doubled in its latest quarter as cost cuts and better sales worked with a weakening yen to add momentum to the automaker's comeback.

The Government Reports Aren't an All-Clear for Toyota

The carmaker hoped findings from two federal studies would put to rest speculation about its electronics system as a source for unintended acceleration. But the results may not prove enough to give Toyota a leg up in its ongoing legal battles.

Toyota Fights Recall Woes and Stronger Yen

The Japanese automaker's bottom line is likely to have been affected by its continuing safety recalls, weaker U.S. sales and the rising value of the yen, which has made exports more expensive. Analysts forecast Toyota will report a quarterly profit of about $1 billion on sales of $56.2 billion.

Toyota Earnings Preview: Recalls May Hurt

When Toyota Motor reports quarterly earnings tomorrow it will give investors the latest snapshot of how big a toll massive recalls and tepid auto sales are taking on the company's bottom line.

Will Toyota Build a Second Mexico Plant as Yen Surges?

Toyota may build another factory in Mexico to produce small cars as the world's largest automaker shifts more capacity outside Japan to remain competitive. The yen's strength on world markets is said to be prompting the move.

Toyota Wants 'Unintended Acceleration' Lawsuits Tossed

Toyota has asked a federal judge to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits over problems with unintended acceleration in its vehicles. The world's largest automaker says such complaints are based on anecdotes, and fail to identify specific defects, Bloomberg News reported.

As Toyota Joins With Tesla, Alternative Fuels a Major Focus

Toyota, maker of the popular Prius hybrid, is preparing to move into other alternative-fuel technologies such as hydrogen fuel-cells and biofuels. Its recent large investment in Tesla Motors is just the first such partnership the world's largest automaker is pursuing.

The UAW's Bob King: Out to Repair an Image Problem

Elected president of United Auto Workers union on June 16, King must reintroduce the union to the many Americans who have an unfavorable view of unions. Then, there's the matter of rebuilding membership by targeting foreign makers' U.S. plants.

The Tesla-Toyota Electric Car Deal: Sweet Vindication

With this move, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (pictured, with Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, left) has a chance to silence the critics of his company and his stewardship, blunting contentions that Tesla would have died without Uncle Sam's recent largesse. The main complaint: Tesla wasn't a real car company. This deal changes that -- and a lot more.

Toyota Execs Supplied Tears, but What About the Truth?

While Toyota execs supplied the tears in Congressional hearings this week about their massive recall, the question remains as to whether they supplied the truth. Contradictory testimony about the role car electronics played in accidents suggests more trouble ahead.

The Toyota Hearings: What Congress Wants to Know

A small parade of witnesses will take the stand Wednesday during the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's hearing on the Toyota recalls, but the real focus of the day will be on one man: CEO Akio Toyoda.

Akio Toyoda Bows Out of U.S. Hearings

Mr. Toyoda won't be coming to Washington after all. He says he'll let local execs testify before Congress. And he acknowledges that the much-criticized carmaker is considering a recall of its hugely popular Corolla for steering problems.

Toyota Announces Brake Override System

Toyota plans to install a brake override system in all of its new cars. The company will also appoint a global quality committee. But will this bring customers back?

Amid a Rising Death Toll, Toyota Works to Rebuild

Scrutiny of Toyota has intensified amid rising reports of deaths believed attributable to unintended acceleration. The toll now stands at 34, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday, citing reports from the public alleging Toyota cars were responsible for the fatalities.

Toyota Resignation Watch: Why CEO Will Stay

With Toyota's recall crisis growing worse by the week, the media has begun speculating that CEO Akio Toyoda may resign. It's true that the trouble appeared on his watch, but here's why Toyoda's probably not going anywhere.

Toyota Adds Prius to Recall List, Makes Plea to U.S. Buyers

Beleaguered Toyota recalls nearly a half-million Prius and other hybrid models worldwide, adding another ding to its tarnished reputation. The company also promises U.S. consumers that it will enlist a "blue ribbon safety advisory group" to review its quality control operations.