Airline Mergers

What the American-US Airways Merger Will Mean for You

Now that the merger between American Airlines and US Airways is officially happening, travelers are sure to wonder how it will affect them. George Horbica, founder of Airfarewatchdog, tells us what to expect from the world's soon-to-be biggest airline.

United-Continental Merger: Good For Them, Bad For Fliers

Don't believe the fairy tales United and Continental are spinning about their proposed merger being beneficial to travelers and carriers alike: Beyond the deal to bring Southwest to Newark Airport that they cut placate the antitrust watchdogs, this merger is all bad news.

UAL-Continental Merger Means Higher Fares and Fewer Flights...

The United-Continental megamerger raises many serious questions, not the least of which is how air passengers will be affected. The answer is simple: For the average flier, the combination will create pretty much nothing but more pain, in terms of both costs and inconvenience.