Adobe Systems

Adobe Can't Photoshop Away Its Own Fading Prospects

Adobe is No. 1 when it comes to arming publishers with the tools to stand out in cyberspace. Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are everywhere. But there are big clouds on the horizon for the software company -- and one is the Cloud itself.

5 Tech Stocks to Watch This Week

Digital media, wireless pay terminals, and fuel cell technology -- sounds like the ingredients for a plot to take over the world, or, at the very least, the stuff that will dominate high-tech headlines in the coming days. The five companies behind these technologies will loom large in the news this week. Here's what to watch.

Adobe Earnings Jump as Revenue Passes $1 Billion

Adobe Systems on Monday reported its first quarter of revenue above $1 billion. For its fiscal fourth quarter, the software company turned a profit of $269 million, up from a loss of $32 million in the same period last year.

Rumor or Not, Microsoft Should Buy Adobe

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer's not-so-secret meeting with Abode CEO Shantanu Narayen to discuss a joint battle strategy against Apple raised the tantalizing possibility of an Adobe buyout. That deal wouldn't just be good for Microsoft, it would be good for the future of the Web overall.

Adobe Shares Slide on Disappointing Guidance

Adobe Systems's fiscal third-quarter earnings beat analyst expectations, but share prices plunged in after-hours trading after the largest maker of graphic-design software released lower-than-expected guidance for the fourth quarter.

Week Ahead: Housing Data, Fed Meeting, Earnings

Housing data is in the financial spotlight this week, including housing starts and new and existing home sales in August. Also, homebuilder Lennar is expected to report a profitable third quarter.

The 10 Biggest Brand Disasters of 2010

It's been a rough year for those in the branding business at big corporations. SEC investigations, massive product recalls and oil spills have taken a toll on the reputations, as well as the stock prices,of some of America's most well-known companies. Here are ten of the biggest disasters so far this year.

Under the Radar: Fortress Investment Group

Many investors fear that inflows of fresh capital into Fortress may not be enough to turn the asset manager around. But Hilary Kramer says that its funds are close to their "high water marks" and the stock should soon start to rise.

Adobe Posts Robust Second-Quarter Numbers

Adobe Systems posted a higher-than-expected 34% gain in second-quarter revenues to $943 million, fueled by strong growth from its Creative Suite 5. Net income climbed 17.8% to $148.6 million. Adobe also approved a share buyback of up to $1.6 billion in common stock.

Why My Website Is Ditching Adobe's Flash

It's easy to say in the abstract that Apple's refusal to allow Flash to run on the iPhone or iPad has made the Adobe language much less attractive. But DailyFinance reporter Alex Salkever is also a Web developer, and he says he's seeing Adobe's problem evolve in real time.

Is Apple Becoming the Next Microsoft?

The Federal Trade Commission may be investigating Apple for anticompetitive behavior called "tying" -- an illegal technique of using power in one market to gain a monopoly in another. And that's precisely the illegal strategy that got Microsoft in so much hot water in the 1990s.