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4 Financial Products to Avoid (If You Can Help It)

The financial industry is always pushing one product or another with claims it will make money management easier, save you cash, make you safer. But in some cases, the hype hides a less helpful, more expensive reality.

Never Pay for These 6 Things Again

Some of life's little luxuries haven't gotten any more necessary -- but they have become cheaper. From learning a new language to finding a great read, these six things no longer require a line item in your personal budget. Go ahead, indulge for less.

8 Things to Never Keep in Your Wallet

That overstuffed wallet of yours is more than just a chore to lug around. If it's lost or stolen, all those extra cards, receipts and bank slips in it will make it much easier for a fraudster to hijack your identity. Here's what to purge: