Feds Crack Down on Sham STD Drugs

Federal health regulators are warning consumers to beware of fraudulent drugs that claim to treat, cure and prevent sexually transmitted diseases...

What a Wild Year It Was
for Health Care

Led by the health insurance reform law, a flurry of drug and food recalls, key medical breakthroughs and plenty of layoffs and lawsuits, 2010 proved to be an exciting -- if not always positive -- year. Here's our list of the year's biggest health stories.

Possible AIDS breakthroughs?

U.S. researchers have discovered two powerful antibodies that can neutralize more than 90% of all known strains of the HIV virus in the lab,...

Vaginal Gel Helps Women Cut AIDS Risk

As the world hopes for an HIV vaccine following recent positive developments, a new study in South Africa shows that a vaginal gel made using Gilead Sciences' AIDS drug Viread cut HIV infections in women by as much as 50%.

Found: Antibodies That Can Stop Most Strains of AIDS

The NIH says the two naturally occurring, powerful antibodies came an HIV-infected individual. Scientists found these antibodies not only neutralize more HIV strains, but do so with greater strength than previously known antibodies.

Judge nixes mandatory condoms in porn flicks

The porn business is going to keep its elbow room. A petition by an AIDS advocacy group to require that adult film companies use condoms when shooting movies has been denied by a Los Angeles judge.

Underrated in America: Vaccines

I get my flu shot each fall without really thinking about the miracle it represents. In an age where our health worries focus on osteoporosis,...