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Warren Buffett's Grandson Follows in Grandpa's Humanitarian Footsteps

Howard Warren Buffett, grandson of renowned investor Warren Buffett, is a chip off the old philanthropic block. At the recent Social Good Summit in New York, he spoke about the challenges in this age of technology of preserving our human connections with those who are suffering.

Making Money While Doing Good? Tips for Idealists

This week's Social Good Summit in New York was like a speed-dating event for cause marketers, do-gooders and those interested in their efforts. But speakers at the event, sponsored by Mashable and 92Y, also offered some practical tips for doing good, particularly by using social media.

Bill Gates Sr. Opens a Window Into His Son's Stormy Youth

Parents of less-than-perfect offspring, take heart: It turns out, perhaps not surprisingly, that Harvard University drop-out, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates was, at times, a difficult kid, at least according to his father.