60 Minutes

One Safe Way to Invest Now in Municipal Bonds

After respected banking analyst Meredith Whitney rattled the municipal bond market with her prediction of hundreds of billions of dollars in muni defaults, small investors dumped the bonds. That dire prediction may yet come true, but there are a few types of munis that still carry virtually no risk.

Why American Idol Still Commands the Biggest Bucks on TV

Despite a slip in its ratings dip and the loss of man-we-love-to-hate Simon Cowell, "American Idol" remains the most expensive show on TV for advertisers. Why are they willing to pay close to half a million dollars for a 30-second spot? Young viewers, and lots of them.

Walmart: America's favorite scapegoat

Walmart (WMT) prides itself on its low prices, but it tends to make the news for more controversial topics. For critics, its business practices...

Dan Rather's very good day in court

Gunga Dan's not looking so nutty now, is he? Dan Rather scored a major triumph against his former employer yesterday as a state supreme court judge...