Will Your Next TV Be Ultra HD?

Television manufacturers are taking small steps toward making a new technology, Ultra HD, more viable for mainstream consumers.

Intel Unveils Groundbreaking New Chip Technology

Intel announced plans Wednesday to begin high-volume manufacturing of chips with its long-awaited tri-gate transistors, a move that analysts say will put it far ahead of its competitors in the long-term with regards to its ability to shrink the size of computer chips and enhance their power.

What Happened to That 3-D TV Bonanza?

Manufacturers of 3-D TVs are getting a lump of coal this holiday season. High expectations for frothy sales have failed to materialize, and price cuts of more than 40% continue during this critical selling period. Will 2011 turn out better?

12 Big Comebacks of 2010

Everything old is new again, or so the song says. And each year we do see forgotten faces, places and products emerge from the dim past to recapture...

Nintendo Slashes Forecast, Says 3-D Game Delayed

Nintendo slashed its forecast for the year ending March 31, 2011, as the videogame maker cited weak sales and stronger-than-expected appreciation of the Japanese yen. It also announced its new handheld 3-D video game console won't be released until after the holiday season.

Sluggish TV Sales Create Huge Glut of LCD Panels

Lower-than-expected flat-screen television sales have created a glut in liquid-crystal display panels and are unlikely to be bolstered anytime soon from 3D television demand, according to two separate reports released this week.

Intel and Nokia's Dream of 3-D on Smartphones

Intel and Nokia are partnering on a lab to explore 3-D technologies, which already are popular in games and movies. The companies believe consumers will want similar vivid imaging and interactive experiences while using their smartphones.

Batman 3 to be shot in IMAX?

'Batman 3' may be shot entirely in IMAX, the film's director of photography Wally Pfister tells MTV News. "I can't say until I read the script, but...