3d TV

For TV Buyers, 'Tis Really the Season

If you're in the market for a new television, you'd be wise to scoop up one of the sweet deals that will be available for the rest of 2011. TV manufacturers and retailers are desperate to unload inventory due to sluggish sales, so HDTVs, Internet-connected TVs and 3-D TVs will be going at deeply discounted prices.

3-D TV Reaches Out to Grab Reluctant Viewers

DailyFinance visited the recent 3D Entertainment Summit to find out what 3-D television has in store for us. For mainstream consumers, 3-D TV hasn't caught on just yet, but prices are falling and improvements are on the way. Watch our video report to get the latest on what's about to pop out of your screen.

Is 3-D Video Hurting Our Eyes ... Or Saving Them?

It sometimes seems like everything that's fun is also a potential threat to your health, so it's hardly surprising that 3-D movies, games and TVs have drawn fire from critics who worry that they could cause long-term eye damage. But eye care professionals say that the reverse may be true.

What Happened to That 3-D TV Bonanza?

Manufacturers of 3-D TVs are getting a lump of coal this holiday season. High expectations for frothy sales have failed to materialize, and price cuts of more than 40% continue during this critical selling period. Will 2011 turn out better?

A Wait-and-See Approach to 3-D TV in Japan

In Japan, a recent survey found 67.4% of consumers indicated they'd take a pass on purchasing a 3-D TV. They cited several reasons, but wearing special 3-D glasses tops the list. Other concerns: price and lack of 3-D programming.

Samsung Issues a Health Warning for 3-D TV

Korea's Samsung is acknowledging the risk from 3-D TVs for epileptic seizure or stroke to pregnant women, the elderly, the sleep deprived and the intoxicated. Children and teens are particularly susceptible, which the video-game industry has known for a while.